How to Write a Winning Resumé

No one really teaches us how to write a resumé. Yet how we write them can make all the difference. Whether you’re gainfully employed at your dream job or still looking may depend on how you write your resumé. What’s on that piece of paper can either help you pop out of the pile or […]

On the Power to Confuse

This isn’t about politics. We get enough of that as it is these days. But I would argue that we don’t get enough about how to make a point clearly. Here’s an example of something that confused and bamboozled me recently. It comes from a now famous letter Attorney General William Barr wrote to key […]

Squeeze More Juice Out

When you’re telling a story or trying to understand what happened, don’t be a water strider. Also known as water bugs, water skeeters, water skippers, and pond skaters, these long-limbed bugs are known for their ability to run on top of the surface of a pond or lake. Yes, they run on water. And I don’t mean […]

Mind Meld: Why you must understand your client’s needs

Last week I went to Home Depot to look for a bathroom vanity light. I had plenty of options to look at. A whole wall of lights, in fact. But there was a problem. None were on. Someone needed to flip a switch. So I went to ask a customer service rep for help. Curiously […]