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Sound familiar?

Are you ready to make a bigger difference in the world?

Maybe it’s by spreading your ideas, serving more clients, or helping more people get the services they need.

But something is holding you back.

If you’re not where you want to be, does this sound like you?

  • Do you ever wish your writing were more polished?
  • Do you want to convert more prospects into clients, but don’t know how to take your marketing to the next level?
  • Are you looking to expand your reach, but lack the capacity to handle all of your writing projects?

I can help.

I work with people who lack the bandwidth or staff to complete urgent writing projects. They would like to relax—knowing that someone else will be able to get the job done.

I love playing with words, shaping ideas, and smoothing rough edges. My goal is to help organizations more clearly communicate their value to the world.

What separates my service from others is that I was a journalist in another life. This means that I can parachute in, quickly get up to speed on your projects, and deliver exactly what you need while freeing you to focus on other priorities. My antennae are always out, looking for the most memorable way to position your ideas.

Here’s a sampling of what I do:

  • Marketing copy
  • Blogging
  • Web copy
  • Content strategy
  • Editing
  • Grantwriting
  • Op-eds
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Speechwriting

Who do I like to work with?

  • People who value clear messaging
  • People who radiate positive energy
  • People who want to make the world a better place
  • People who are ready to make a bigger difference in the world

Who is not a good fit?

  • People who are not willing to invest in expanding their reach
  • People who are motivated more by fear than joy
  • People who are afraid to delegate

Still got questions?

To learn more about my work process and how I collaborate with clients, read this FAQ, “Your Questions Answered.”   And here’s how I help small businesses and nonprofits.

Want to learn more?

If so, schedule a get-acquainted call with me, so you can tell me about your projects, and we can explore whether working together would make sense.



Spread ideas through blog posts,
case studies, articles, and reports.


Draw new clients or supporters
with memorable and
appealing web copy.


Reach ideal clients with landing pages
and sales copy that resonate emotionally
and speak directly to their needs.

Tuned in

I quickly get up to speed on the scope of your project and your needs.


I aim for accuracy. If something doesn't make sense, I'll ask for a clarification.

Crystal clear

I translate complex concepts into easy-to-understand ideas.

On time

I meet my deadlines,
so you can meet yours.


B2B healthcare
Consumer service pieces
Nonprofit articles
Nonprofit editing
Just musing

Topics cover innovation, productivity, journalism, environmental disasters, and education.

Is ER Text-Messaging Service Just a Marketing Ploy?

B2B Healthcare
Duct Tape Cuts Time and Costs Related to Contact Precautions,

Consumer Service Pieces
Picky Eaters, American Way Magazine
A New Breed: Professional Help is Available When Navigating a Complicated Healthcare System,  American Way Magazine
Know Thyself: Here’s What a ‘Personality Test’ Can Tell You About Your Career Options, and What It Can’t,
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Constant Cravings: Our AddictionsAmerican Demographics
Grin and Bare It, Chicago Tribune
Creativity at WorkAmerican Demographics

Wanted: One Million NursesAmerican Demographics
A Lifetime Passion, Daily Press
Look Who’s Tuned In, American Demographics
Integration’s Legacy, Daily Press

Nonprofit Articles
Lifestyle Choices Affect U.S. Impact on the Environment, Population Reference Bureau (PRB)
Abortion in the United States and the World, PRB

Nonprofit Editing
Invisible No More? Data2X, United Nations Foundation [See volumes 1–2 and executive summary.]
2014 Global Hunger Index | The Challenge of Hidden Hunger, IFPRI

Just Musing
The No-Try List, Bethesda Magazine
See first entry in “Metropolitan Diary” in The New York Times.



Types of Experience



For MD Magazine and Medscape Medical News, I have covered topics ranging from a new kind of rehab for cancer survivors to stool transplants that stop most C. diff. infections in their tracks to how mice can avoid menopause.



My international work involves translating technical topics into more easily digested content for reports, brochure copy, the web, and grant proposals.



When numbers begin to tell a story, they capture your audience's attention. So it's important to choose the best graph to showcase your data.



My writing has been published by The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and American Way Magazine, the largest in-flight magazine in the US, among others.


My bylined stories, ghostwriting, and other content have appeared in the following media, websites, and organizations’ internal and external publications.

The National Institutes of Health
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Inside the Joint Commission
MD Magazine
Hospital Impact
Finn Partners
Data2X, an initiative of the UN Foundation
World Health Organization
International Food Policy Research Institute
Population Reference Bureau
Polar Institute
Catholics for Choice
China Economic News Service (Taiwan)
Brooklyn to Cambodia
The New York Times
American Way Magazine
Associated Press
Chicago Tribune
American Demographics
Sales & Marketing Management Magazine
Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service


  • Sandra is an accomplished editor and writer who works well with authors. She is solutions-oriented, has a quick mind, and can keep a project on track no matter how many moving parts it has. Every piece of writing Sandra touches is the better for it.

    Andrea Pedolsky, Former Head of Publications, International Food Policy Research Institute – Washington, DC
  • Sandra Yin's editing has played an important role in my efforts to convert the results of statistically complex demographic research into a form that a broad audience can comprehend. The latest example of her editorial handiwork can be seen in a web essay on demography's role in development, which we first published on the New Security Beat website. It was later picked up and republished by the World Economic Forum ( which spread its message to a global audience.

    Richard Cincotta, Woodrow Wilson Center Global Fellow – Washington, DC
  • Sandra has been an incredible asset to our team at the Maternal Health Initiative. She is extremely talented and patient when working with new and seasoned writers alike. Sandra has helped us write smart and concise articles, blog posts, and reports; and working with her is a pleasure. She is a fabulous communicator, always reliable, and a natural teacher. Sandra also has a breadth and depth of topical knowledge, which only adds to her value.

    Sarah Barnes, Project Director, The Wilson Center’s Maternal Health Initiative
  • Sandra provided the whole package that I was looking for: clear, concise writing; the ability to translate technical issues into everyday language; attention to detail; and sharp researching skills. On top of all of that, she was able to do this across issue areas, from health to energy to gender equality.

    I highly recommend Sandra as a writer and strategic communicator!

    Jenni Lee, Senior Director of Communications, UN Foundation – Washington, DC
  • What an excellent job you’ve done! I can imagine professional ghostwriters and editors always face the dilemma of not changing too much while editing. In this case, where the original text was sometimes vague and even problematic, I can tell you’ve taken bolder moves by providing heavy edits while still retaining the original message and tone. I much appreciate what you’ve done because I knew we needed “more” help in focusing our message. The report now reads great and that’s all thanks to your tremendous effort. Thank you so much, Sandra.

    Jichong Wu, China Country Manager, Clean Cooking Alliance – Washington, DC
  • We really appreciate what Sandra brings us – a top notch writer, researcher and editor. A great listener who strives to deliver exactly what you need.

    Sandra has an extraordinary capacity to create quality product just when you most need it. A complete 360 professional in every way, a superb communicator and an all-around very pleasant person to do business with. She should be on your auto call list.

    Jon O’Brien, President, Catholics for Choice – Washington, DC
  • Sandra, you had the skill and patience to take my client’s edits to her compelling
    personal story and find a way to make her words sing. Thank you!

    I couldn’t get that done. Trust me, I tried.

    Thank you for being super easy to work with and for the ultra fast turnaround, going
    from interview to final draft in just a few days.

    Monique Baldwin
    Entrepreneur, Podcast Producer, Idea Architect, and Coach
    Home Pride Properties, Inc. - Atlanta, GA

  • Sandra is the ultimate professional. As my editor, she gave me a wide berth to maintain my voice in my columns, while providing extraordinary input to sharpen my message. Her feedback was clear, concise, and timely.

    Thomas Dahlborg, President, Dahlborg Healthcare Leadership Group
  • Our team needed a copy editor for a suite of technical reports, case studies, and a designed inventory on a short timeline.

    Sandra dove into the work with enthusiasm and creativity, working to not only fine-tune content for over 20 print- and web-based materials, but also helping us think through design concepts and visuals to highlight key messages, showcase findings, and distill technical material into accessible formats.

    Sandra is prompt, open to brainstorming new ideas and approaches to presenting information, and always responsive to questions and edits with a collaborative (and fun!) attitude.

    Karolina Ramos, Associate, Data2X, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation
  • I am grateful to have Sandra Yin as a writing ally. Having her crisp and fresh eye on messaging, paired with an empathetic connection to my ideal customers, helped me write the sales page for my first ever retreat. We worked together on the edits and she is dreamy—clear, concise and always going for the most "juicy" copy!

    Elena Deutsch, CEO, Women Interested in Leaving (Big) Law – New York City
  • Sandra is a terrific writer and editor who has an uncanny ability to translate complex material for general audiences.

    Seema Nayyar, Former Editor-in-Chief, American Demographics – New York, NY
  • Sandra worked with Industry Dive to develop pre-launch marketing messaging and a corporate website. With limited oversight, she quickly came up to speed on our business, strategy, and goals.

    Sandra was able to provide practical and actionable feedback that simplified our message, spoke to our key stakeholders, and provided consistency in our branding. I would recommend her to anyone looking for business or marketing communication help.

    Sean Griffey, CEO, Industry Dive – Washington, DC
  • After one interview with clients, Sandra succeeded in describing in a web article the real impact of our primary healthcare services in human terms.

    Lin Orrin, Director of Development, Mobile Medical Care – Bethesda, MD
  • What fantastic control of language you have! I was moved by reading this, and I can only imagine how it will impact those who hear it spoken. This is amazing work, Sandra.

    Thank you so much, on behalf of Mercy Corps.

    Carlene Deits, Community Fundraising Associate, Mercy Corps – Portland, OR

Do you have a project you need to outsource?

Have a question? Or a comment? Sandra would like to hear from you.


Need a writer? Sandra can help.

Sandra helps her clients spread light in the world. She has a proven ability to help businesses and nonprofits grow with messaging that shines.

By clarifying vague wording, polishing ideas so that they are easy to follow, and clearly spotlighting benefits that spark interest, she helps her clients make even more of a difference in the world.

While she has recently added marketing copy to her repertoire, for 14 years, she worked in journalism, writing for everything from magazines, to newspapers, to newsletters, and websites. Her storytelling has appeared in many venues, including the Chicago Tribune, Associated Press, and American Way magazine, the largest in-flight magazine in the country. She has covered topics as varied as picky eaters and why dogs were acting skittish on a certain stretch of city sidewalk.

With an M.A. in history from George Washington University and an M.S. in journalism from Columbia, she specializes in making information resonate with clients’ ideal clients. “After all,” she says, “what good is an idea if it doesn’t speak to your target audience?”

In her spare time, Sandra enjoys fostering dogs for a rescue group, discovering new ways to make vegetables exciting, and finding inspiration in unlikely places. She makes a point of learning something new every year. In 2019, she has already discovered that physical decluttering not only adds more space, it also gives you more energy.

What lights her up:

  • Telling stories that draw people closer
  • Seeing the joy in the wag of a dog’s tail or the bounce in its step
  • Helping ideas change the world

To contact Sandra about your project, schedule a get-acquainted call with her.

I have worked for a wide range of workplaces and clients both large and small. Italics show where I worked on staff.

Space LLC

HMSHost Corp.

National Institutes of Health
New York City Department of General Services

International Organizations
United Nations Foundation
Clean Cooking Alliance
Family Planning 2020
Data2X, a project of the United Nations Foundation
International Food Policy Research Institute

American Demographics
American Way Magazine
Bethesda Magazine
China Economic News Service (Taiwan)
Chronicle for Higher Education
Daily Press
FierceHealthcare and Hospital Impact, FierceMarkets

Industry Dive
Inside the Joint Commission, DecisionHealth
Maryland Life
MD Magazine, Intellisphere
Medscape, WebMD
Our Town
RFID Operations Magazine
Sales & Marketing Management Magazine

Adelphi Research
Brooklyn Bridge to Cambodia
Catholics for Choice
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
Making Cents
Mercy Corps
Mobile Medical Care, Inc.
National Park Trust
Population Reference Bureau
Wilson Center

Professional Services
Anderson & Quinn, LLC
DVL Seigenthaler
Hula for the Soul
WILL: Women Interested in Leaving Law

George Washington University
University of Pennsylvania

Why don't all good ideas take root?

Some just aren't expressed clearly enough.


Have a question? Or a comment? Sandra would like to hear from you. Feel free to contact her today.

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